Registration - Instructions


Pre-registration opens January 21st.

Please read the following carefully before registering for this year’s convention!

You can pre-register for the convention up until the week before the start of the convention.

If you have pre-registered, but not paid until after the pre-registration window has passed will have to pay the difference upon checking into the convention. Because of this, please remember to pay on time.


Pre-orders for food and tournaments/game sessions needs to have been registered and paid for (both the attendance fee and any extras) by February 28th at the latest!

Pre-orders for merch needs to have been registered and paid for by March 18th at the latest!

Pre-registration is personal, non-transferable and non-refundable. However if you have any questions or concerns, please email

You will find pre-registration here.


When you pre-register you have to make a profile in our database.
If you get the error message “personnummer finns redan” (social security number already exists) it’s an indication that you probably already have a profile. If you can’t remember your old password, you can perform a reset and request a new password. If you have any questions about your registration, please send an email to

  1. 1) Start with entering your personal details, or updating them if you have an existing profile.
  2. 2) Pick the type of attendance you want.
  3. 3) Pick the game sessions you want to join. (If you’re joining as a team, please see team pre-registration below) This is also where you pick any add-ons, like dinner, breakfast, t-shirt, mug, sleeping at the convention, etc.
  4. 4) Click on “betalningssammanfattning” (order summary). This will give you an overview of your order and what your total amount to pay is.
  5. 5) Pay the total amount to the GothCon plusgiro-account (487 56 09-2) and use your social security number as reference.
  6. It’s very important that you put your social security number as reference on the payment, since this is how we match the payment to your order.


If you’re playing an RPG or other game that requires a team you need to pre-register the entire team. When registering a team for gaming sessions only one person (the team leader) creates a team with a team name. After that they choose what sessions the team will join. The rest of the team then simply join the team and do not have to pick any specific sessions. The team leader is the only one who pays for the gaming sessions.

Important to remember

Bring your receipt of the plusgiro payment. Sometimes Nordea glitches and does not give us a notification of payment. Because of this you need to bring the receipt so that we can make sure that your pre-registration has been paid for in full. It’s also good to consider that it takes a couple of days for the payment to reach us.

The payment needs to have reached us latest a week before the convention begins for your registration to be valid!

You can check the website to see if your payment has been registered under “betalningssammanfattning” (order summary).


If you live outside of Sweden, you may not be able to complete the above steps. Instead, send an email to with your name, email and what game sessions and other events you wish to attend. You will then pay the pre-registration attendance fee when you check in at the registration desk at the convention.

Please note that this service is only available for attendees who do not live in Sweden.

Gift cards

Do you have a gift card that you want to use to pay your attendance fee? Then you have two options.
1)Use your gift card upon arrival at the registration desk at the convention. You will need to have a profile in our database, so you can either create one beforehand or use one of the computers at registration. This is a good alternative for you if you don’t want to pre-order anything or book any gaming sessions.
2)Send an email to with your social security number and the card number on the gift card. Then register according to the steps above and pay the total of the pre-orders and gaming sessions you’ve registered for.