GothCon är ett av Sveriges största spelkonvent och är, i och med starten 1977, även det äldsta. Varje år lockas närmre 2000 besökare till konventet för att fira påsk med spel i alla dess former - rollspel, brädspel, kortspel, figurspel, lajv och liknande. GothCon äger rum i Göteborg varje påsk och vem som helst får delta, även om vi rekommenderar att våra besökare under 15 år kommer i sällskap med vuxen. Konventet är helt drogfritt.

  • When, where, why?

    When: Easter, April 19 - 21 2019
    Where:Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet, Gothenburg
    Why: Because GothCon is GothCon

    The convention is open 24 hours from our start of the day on Holy Thursday at 21:00 until Sunday at 16:00. Our registration desk is open all night between Thursday and Friday, and closes at 02:00 on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday and Sunday morning the registration desk opens at 07:00.
    The convention schedule with start and end times for each event, is available when you log in to our registration system.

  • Price & where does the money go?

    GothCon is a non-profit organisation and our main goal is to create an amazing convention for nerds during the Easter weekend. The entry fees are primarily used for paying the rental fees for Hvitfeldtska gymnasiet. Additional expenses are competition prices and printing fees for game scenarios. Game fees are used to cover expenses for printing, figures, terrain and similar. All work done by the staff is non-profit and completely volunteer based.

    Pre-registration: 350 SEK
    At the door: 450 SEK
    Youth ages (8-17 years): pre-registration 200 SEK, at the door 250 SEK

    Kids below 8 years of age enter for free.

    Single day tickets:
    Single day tickets, a good choice for those of you who want to join in the fun just for a day, are not available for pre-registration. If you're interested in these, just ask at the registation desk on the day.
    Single day, Friday or Saturday: 250 SEK
    Single day, Sunday: 150 SEK
    Single day youth (8-17 years): 150 SEK for any day

    What's included in the entry?
    If you have purchased an entrance ticket, you can attend the convention and play all our games, attend the auction (both submissions and bidding), go to lectures and visit the musical. If you have a ticket for a single day, this applies for the day you have a valid ticket. (For example, if you have a single ticket for Friday, you can't go to a lecture on the Saturday without getting an additional ticket for that day.)
    However, for some tournaments and events, a fee may apply. If a fee applies this will be visible adjacent to the event on the website.

    Whats for free?
    If you're just curious and want to check out the convention without spending the night or participating in any game or competition, it's free. You also don't have to pay entry to visit the stores, shop at our café, the "GothMojj" food vendor or the "GothShop".

  • Hosting an event at GothCon?

    Would you like to host an event or game session at GothCon?

    There is still hope! Please contact the appropriate area manager as fast as you can. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for us to find room for your event.

  • Free entry? - Become a volunteer!

    Do you want to help make GothCon an amazing experience? Awesome!
    Every year we need volunteers to help out with anything and everything during the convention. On top of having a blast while we work your convention you save money by helping out.
    Everyone is welcome to join our squad of volunteers, it doesn’t matter if you’ve worked at a convention before or not.

    You can choose between working 1 to 5 (or more) shifts. Every shift is between 3 and 4 hours long, which will make up 4,5 - 30 % of the total convention time. You decide how many shifts you want to pick up!
    If you don’t want to work during the convention proper, you can help out with intlog before the convention and/or the closing clean up after the convention.

    If you are going to help out by being a volunteer you can check in to the convention in a separate queue!

    As thanks for your help you save money on the entrance fee, you get meals, a staff t-shirt and many other perks!

    If you’re interested in volunteering at the convention, click here:

    There you will also find more information about different areas where you can help out, what rewards you get, etc. You’re also welcome to send an email to if you have further questions.

  • Sleeping - At the convention

    If you would like to sleep at GothCon, shared dorms are available from Thursday night through to Sunday. For 100 SEK you get access for all nights, and you can either pre-order or register for it at the check-in. At the check-in you will also get information on what room you've been assigned to.

    You're allowed to use the dorms between Thursday and Friday, even if the events don't start until Friday. The rooms do not come with beds, so remember to bring sleeping pad, sleeping bag, pillow and anything else you need for a good night's sleep. There are showers available on the premise.

    It is strictly forbidden to sleep in or on hallways, stairways, closets, book shelves or any other area that's not a dorm. If you would like to switch to another dorm, please contact the reception to sort it out.

    If you are sleeping at the convention you also have access to showers. They are located either in the same building as the dorms (Schillerska) or at the gym in the north building.

  • Sleeping - Hotel Lorensberg

    Tired of sleeping under a bench next to snoring convention visitors?
    Then you can stay at Hotel Lorensberg which is situated across Götaplatsen, seen from the convention area.

    They have the following special offers for GothCon visitors, for a single room:
    1 night: 750:-
    2 nights: 1400:-
    3 nights: 1950:-
    4 nights: 2400:-

    If you would rather book a double or three bed room they offer 10% off regular prices.

    The package deals are valid for direct booking by phone 031-81 06 00 or email, for the period of April 19th to 21st, 2019.
    Tell them that you are going to GothCon to be eligible for the lower pricing.

    Hotel Lorensberg is situated at Berzeliigatan 15, visit for directions.

  • Food at GothCon

    To us, good food is one of the important parts of a good convention experience. To make sure that you don’t have to be hungry while at GothCon we have a varied menu comprised of hot food, subs, sandwiches and snacks.

    PLEASE NOTE - GothCon takes place in school buildings, and because of this there is a total ban on nuts at the convention. This applies to any and all forms of food, candy, snacks, and any other products you may bring with you.

    Breakfast is served from 8 am to 10 am Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
    At the breakfast buffet you will find porridge, jams, soured milk, muesli, cornflakes, milk, juice, eggs, bread, liver pâté, caviar, cheese, hummus, fresh cheese and vegetables.

    Breakfast costs 30 kr if you’ve pre-paid it with you registration, and 40 kr at the door.

    CHANGES FOR 2019
    Please note that dinner will be pre-order only.
    (The café and the GothMojj will work just like before.)

    Dinner Friday and Saturday
    Time: Hot food is served between 6 pm and 10 pm.
    You will still be able to collect your food after 10 pm (but only until closing at 2 am), however you will then collect a cold dinner-box in the café that you then microwave.
    Price: Dinner-boxes are 55:-.

    Dietary restrictions:
    Let us know if you have any dietary restrictions when you pre-order food together with your pre-registration for the convention.
    Every day there will be one meal with some type of meat, and one vegan equivalent option.
    We do try to see to the most common dietary restrictions, but if you have any questions about the food or dietary restrictions please send an email to our kitchen staff:


    Dinner Friday:
    Pea soup with batter pudding and bacon/facon

    Dinner Saturday:
    Boeuf bourguignon with potatoes

    With the dinner there will also be a salad adapted to the menu and vegetables.
    Any questions? Don’t hesitate to ask, simply email

    Please note that preorders of food (breakfast and/or dinner) must be made and paid for by February 28th at the latest. If you have any dietary restrictions you include this when you pre-order your food.

  • The café and the GothMojj

    Welcome to our café, the heart of GothCon!
    This is where you buy candy, snacks, drinks, savoury sandwiches and ready meals you can heat up in the microwave. Did you forget your toothbrush at home? No problem, you can get that here as well.

    There’s lots of seating for you here if you need to take a break, want a “fika” or if you’re just plain hungry.
    You’re always welcome in the café, this is also where you will find coffee and tea, free of charge, during the whole convention.
    Opening hours:
    Thursday: 21:00 - 07:00
    Friday/Saturday: 07:00 - 02:00
    Sunday: 07:00 - 15:00

    If you want hot food you can get your fix at the GothMojj where you’ll find hot dogs, meatballs and vegetarian options.

    Do you want to work in the café?
    We always need an extra hand or two, are you up for helping out?
    Send an email to or before the convention, or speak to the head of the café when you’re at the convention.

  • Check-in and information

    When you arrive at the convention you check-in to the reception. If you haven't pre-paid your entry free, this is where you pay.

    The reception is open at the following times:

    • Thu: 21-08
    • Fri - Sat: 08–04
    • Sun: 08–14

    If you need help or information during the night, please contact the café.

  • Info during the convention

    Information during the convention
    At the cafeteria entrance there are cardboard walls where information from event hosts, changes in schedule, etc. will be posted.
    Please keep an eye on them for up-to-date information.

    Baggage drop
    Unfortunately we won't have a baggage drop due to personnel shortage

  • Also remember...

    We do everything in our power to make sure everyone gets to play what they want, but some events are so popular that we simply run out of room. Should this happen we will prioritize based on the order we have received payment.

    If you can’t play something because there are no GMs you will be refunded the fee for that specific session. If you check the website, you can see if your payment has been registered and what events with pre-order requirements you have gotten a spot on.

    We recommend that attendees under the age of 15 be in the company of an adult.

    In order to donate to, or attend, the auction you must have have a ticket for GothCon as a whole.

    You are only allowed to sleep in your allotted dorm. Ask at registration if you have any additional questions about sleeping arrangements.

    GothCon is a completely drug free convention, which includes alcohol.

    Smoking is not allowed on school grounds.

    We reserve the right to ban anyone behaving in an antisocial way or attending gaming sessions without a valid ticket.

  • The GothShop

    In our GothShop, you can find mugs, T-shirts and plenty of other necessary and nerdy items. Everything comes with gorgeous prints, so that you can show your love for the best gaming convention in Sweden, and geek culture overall. If you want a sneak peek of our merch, follow GothCon on Facebook.
    Products are available at the convention as long as our stock lasts.

    Open hours are 10-22 (Fri-Sat) och 10-15 (Sun). We’re also open on Thursday evening. We take credit cards, Swish and cash.

    Do you want to ensure that you get your T-shirt or mug with this year’s logo? Or some other popular product? Then you can pre-order these items together with your registration to the convention.
    PLEASE NOTE! A preorder is required for a T-shirt and we need your order (paid in full to us) on March 18th at the latest.

  • Advertisement and sales

    A number of stores and businesses visit GothCon each year to host events or simply showcase their products. If you or your company wants to sell or showcase your products, please contact our head of stores as soon as possible by emailing

    Please note that no-one is allowed to sell products and/or services at the convention without explicit permission from GothCon. You are also not allowed to post price-lists, ads, or similar at the convention without permission, and GothCon reserves the right to remove these should it happen.

  • Accessibility and safety

    It’s very important to us that everyone at GothCon be included, and we do everything we can to make sure your experience is as good as possible. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for here you can always email or visit registration when you’re at the convention.

    Wheelchairs at GothCon
    There are a lot of stairs here! But there are also elevators for those who need it, so barring a few rooms the convention is accessible for wheelchair-users. To be able to use the elevators you need a tag, which you will be able to get at the registration desk. Since there is a limited amount of these we do ask that you let us know ahead of time by sending an email to if you need one so you don’t have to wait.

    Strollers at GothCon
    Of course we want you to be able to bring your children to GothCon. If you have to use a stroller at the convention please let us know ahead of time by emailing to be able to collect a tag for the elevators at the registration desk.
    Since there are a limited amount of tags we would like to note that people with disabilities are prioritized when giving out tags.

    We have stewards walking around the convention. They are there to make sure you are ok and you can turn to them if you are worried about something, if you have questions, or just need someone to talk to. You can also turn to the registration desk, the café or any staff at the convention.

    Medical aid
    If you’ve gotten hurt you can go to the registration desk and they will call for our medical staff. If you have a headache or are in need of over-the-counter medication there is an apothecary and a grocery store at Landala Torg, right nearby.
    Don’t forget to eat, drink, and get proper amounts of sleep!

  • GothCon House Rules

    To make sure that all the attendees, volunteers and event organizers have a good time at GothCon there are some rules everyone needs to follow.

    You are not allowed to consume any alcohol in connection with the convention. Intoxicated people will be made to leave the premises.

    Any and all forms of bullying, discrimination, sexual or other forms of harassment are prohibited. Any instances of anything like this happening will be taken seriously, and the responsible party will in severe or repeated cases be turned away from the convention.

    Any and all forms of property damage is prohibited. Depending on the damage a police report will be filed, and the responsible party will be turned away from the convention.

    It is not allowed to enter through locked doors. Entry is only allowed through unlocked or manned doors.

    If the fire alarm goes off you need to vacate the building, no matter the situation.

    Paying attendees need to carry their proof of payment visibly to ease checks. Event organizers need to carry their badges.

    Edged and bladed weapons and replicas of real weapons are not allowed at the convention.

    Clean up after yourself and use the correct waste and recycling bins.

    Over-the-top violence and sexual motifs are not allowed for advertising, window dressing, or openly for sale. GothCon reserves the right to take down any and all material that we find to be in violation of this rule.

    If you want to put anything up on walls or doors you need to go to registration, to get permission and special sticky tape. It is not allowed to put up anything without permission.

    Be considerate of people with allergies at the convention. Try to stay away from anything that can have an airborne allergic reaction. Any and all products with nuts are prohibited.

  • About GothCon

    GothCon is one of the largest gaming conventions in Sweden, and we have been a yearly convention since 1977, which also make GothCon the oldest convention in Sweden. Each year around 2000 attendees arrive to spend their Easter weekend playing games of every variety - rpgs, tabletop games, miniature wargames, LARP, and everything in between. GothCon is an annual convention that takes place in Gothenburg every Easter, and everyone is welcome to attend the convention, but we do recommend that people under 15 years of age attend with an adult. The convention is a drug free event.

    The convention takes place in central Gothenburg, mainly at Hvitfeldtska High School with a few other buildings in the area included as well. Head to the “Register” tab for more information on how to attend the convention.

    Who organizes the event?
    The GothCon association is the main event organizer. GothCon is comprised of a staff divided into different section, such as events, registration, and catering.
    Each year we get help from other event organizers that host a variety of gaming sessions and other events at the convention. On top of that we have a fantastic crew of volunteers that help out at the convention with everything from GMing to manning the registration desk.

    The board
    Our board consists of:
    Hampus Nordin - Chairman
    Marcus Palm - Vice-chairman
    Johnny Green - Treasurer
    Elin Tinglöf - Secretary
    Albin Frödell - Member
    Pontus Wolke - Member
    Nina Wängberg - Member
    Martina Johansson - Member
    Emelie Carlsten Hedgren - Member
    Irie Törnqvist - Alternate member